Romania: Sex-Ed Campaign – September 26th and 28th celebrations

Romanian ASTRA Network member Daniela Draghici of the Society for Feminist Analyses (AnA) organized and coordinated events for World Contraception Day, September 26, and International Safe Abortion Day, September 28, under the “SEXed Talk” Campaign, in partnership with the Society for Education in Contraception and Sexuality, Astra Youth, Youth for Youth Foundation, Romanian Anti-AIDS Foundation, Midwives’ Association and Marie Stopes International Foundation Romania.

Croatia: Croatian Platform For Reproductive Rights

On 28 September, the Croatian Platform for Reproductive Rights demanded, loud and clear, not just safe and legal, but widely available and free abortion. Reproductive rights acknowledge the right of a woman to terminate her pregnancy but also to plan to become a parent.

Armenia: Pan-Armenian Family Health Alliance

On September 28, members of the Pan-Armenian Family Health Alliance held a roundtable in Yerevan, coordinated by the Family Health Care Network. The participants stated that there are still social, financial and physical barriers in Armenia for access to comprehensive safe abortion care and post-abortion contraception, especially for sexually active unmarried, rural, low income, and disabled women.