Getting help if you need an abortion

If you think you are pregnant

If you think you are pregnant, check by using a pregnancy test as soon as possible. Sometimes there are other reasons why your period is late. If the pregnancy test is positive, you need to decide whether you want to continue with the pregnancy and become a parent, or end the pregnancy by having an abortion. 

If you need help making a decision

If you need help making a decision, talk to someone you trust, either a friend or family member, or approach your GP or another trusted health care professional.

If you decide to continue the pregnancy

If you decide to continue the pregnancy, you should register for antenatal care as soon as possible. 

If you decide to have an abortion

If abortion is legally available in your country see a health care professional to help you to find an abortion service provider.

  • You can ask a community health worker, a nurse, a midwife or a GP to help you to arrange an abortion. Or you can contact an abortion clinic directly.

If abortion is legally restricted, and safe abortion services are not available, there are two ways you can get help:

  • A national safe abortion information hotline – these are based in a growing number of countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Go to National Abortion Information Hotlines.
  • An internet-based, international abortion provider who can give you information, find out about your situation so they can help you, and provide access to medical abortion pills for you to use at home. Go to International Abortion Information Hotlines for more information.