ABORTO SOBRE LA MESA (ABORTION ON THE TABLE) – Podcast on abortion by AbortionData and Ayudaparabortar

AbortionData, is a feminist and transnational collective with members located in Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, USA, Netherlands, and Germany. We use data-based information to destigmatize abortion and promote reproductive justice. The ICWRSA newsletter announced our launch in June 2023.

Aborto sobre la Mesa (Abortion on the Table) is a podcast created by AbortionData and Ayudaparabortar (Help to Have an Abortion) – organizations dedicated to destigmatizing abortion and breaking down barriers to access through the use of technology.

Aborto sobre la Mesa serves as a platform for discussing crucial abortion topics, demystifying the stigma surrounding abortions, providing reliable information, and encouraging conversations about abortion.

The group has published three episodes to date in Spanish and English:

  1. “The Horror Behind Fake Abortion Clinics” (14 July 2023) – 52 minutes
  2. “Abortion on the Street” (30 June 2023) – 53 minutes
  3. “Abortion, WHO, and Telemedicine” (14 June 2023) – 29 minutes

SOURCE: Aborto sobre la Mesa, accessed 19 July 2023 ; SEE ALSO: ABORTIONDATA.ORG, 30 June 2023