ABORTIONDATA.ORG – New feminist and transnational collective challenges stigmatizing narratives about abortion with data

We are a new feminist and transnational collective with members in Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, USA, Netherlands and Germany, and planning to expand to other countries. Our proposal is to change the stigmatizing narratives about abortion using data. In the data culture we are immersed in, people and their opinions are easily shaped by the data they have access to. For this reason, we begin by gathering the data available in each country. Currently, we have nine countries and three ready to publish. Second, we work on making the data available as friendly and easy-to-understand as possible, so more people can be informed (e.g https://www.abortiondata.org/abortion-in-peru/). Third, we work on the dissemination of this information in our social media channels, in-person events (UK, Brazil & we have one in Colombia for the following September) and other channels, like our recently released brand podcast “Aborto Sobre la Mesa” in collaboration with safe2choose. Moreover, we have launched a research project, which was partly financed by an Inroad grant.

As believers in the power of information and positive communication for changing the narrative of abortion, we recognize that it is necessary that people replicate and interpret this information, which is why we are attempting to gain more strength in social media and other channels. We are still a young collective, but we want to continue expanding, collecting data and collaborating with more organizations to change abortion discourses.

WATCH OUR VIDEO: AbortionData: How do we make change?

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