WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – New mobile phone app and video help healthcare workers to provide comprehensive abortion care

Healthcare workers have the right to access the most up-to-date evidence-based information, to help them provide comprehensive abortion care. In recognition of this, the World Health Organization (WHO) andthe UN Special Programme of Research in Human Reproduction (HRP) have launched a new “digital decision support tool” or app, available on Apple and Google Play, to support caregivers in the process of decision-making, and using the WHO Abortion care guideline, to provide comprehensive abortion care.

This app takes the individual characteristics of patients and generates patient-specific assessments or recommendations, which can then be given to healthcare providers to consider. The tool guides the healthcare worker through assessing abortion-seekers for possible risks, and also gives them checklists and further context to help them in managing cases. It helps to minimise possible mistakes in abortion provision, and even schedules individualised post-abortion follow-ups and referrals.

The aim is to harness health workers’ knowledge, guiding them through clinical guidelines, combined with the individual’s own information. It is a digital job aid, on a mobile device.

This new tool recognises the crucial importance of supporting healthcare workers to give essential health care for abortion and post-abortion care. The app also incorporates resources relevant for the provision of abortion care including WHO guidelines, publications, evidence briefs and infographics.

In addition, a new video, Abortion care: Empowering health workers to empower clients available in English, French and Spanish, has now been released, which highlights how healthcare workers can be better supported to empower individuals to access abortion care.

SOURCE: WHO News, 7 August 2023