Women’s March is organising in the USA and internationally: Say no to Texas abortion law on 2 October 2021

A nationwide Women’s March is planned in the USA, supported by over 90 organisations, with rallies in all 50 US states in support of reproductive rights and in opposition to the Texas anti-abortion law. It will be on 2 October 2021, two days before the US Supreme Court reconvenes for its new term.

Plans are being made in other countries too. In the UK, demonstrations are being planned outside the US Embassy in London at 1:30pm and there will be action in Edinburgh too.

Are you looking for something active to do in connection with International Safe Abortion Day on 28 September? Organise a Women’s March in your country in support of the opposition to the Texas law and also relevant to your own national situation.

SOURCE: The Independent UK, by Oliver O’Connell, 4 September 2021 ; PHOTO from 2020 on Twitter

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