WOMEN ON WEB – Women on Web: celebrating their 15-year anniversary

The first abortion Women on Web provided was to a woman living in Lisbon, who completed the online consultation on May 10, 2006, when abortion was still illegal in Portugal.

On 13 May 2021, Women on Web launched a social media campaign for their 15-year anniversary. Women on Web is a Canada-based telemedicine abortion service committed to providing access to safe medical abortion to those with limited or restricted access. They offer information on reproductive health and contraception and provide online consultations for abortion care. Their services are available in 25 languages and they have provided care to people in almost 200 countries.

Their anniversary campaign is a Call to Action to learn more about telemedicine abortion services and self-managed abortion. They will be announcing some additions to their mandate, including in the fight for digital rights, research, and in advocacy for self-managed abortion as an option to choose from, based on preference.

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SOURCE: Women on Web,