WOMEN FIRST DIGITAL – An eHealth platform providing reproductive health solutions

The digital revolution is transforming how more than 4.5 billion people access sexual and reproductive health care and information. The increasing use of technology provides a unique opportunity to reach vulnerable populations that are excluded from traditional healthcare systems or burdened by geographic barriers, high costs, and stigma. Women and young people increasingly turn to the internet as the first touch-point for information, including guidance about reproductive health and abortion information. Women First Digital (WFD) is an eHealth social enterprise that leverages the power of this digital revolution by reaching women directly on their handheld devices.

This is our first White Paper: a definitive guide to who we are, what we do and why we believe digital strategies are key to transforming and expanding access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) information and services. The Paper highlights our three websites:

  • safe2choose.org offers live chat abortion counselling for medical abortion and MVA while strengthening referral linkages to safe, local providers
  • Findmymethod.org offers a comparison and filter tool for contraceptive methods that simplifies the selection process for end-users. The recent launch of an online forum aims to normalise discussions around sex, contraception and sexuality.

To date, we have had more than 13 million site sessions with users from over 180 countries. We have reached over 55 million users on social media.

FULL REPORT: Women First Digital: A White Paper, 23 September 2020