Women First Digital – The last few months were a hive of activity and achievement at WFD 

We broadened our reach and language access, set trends on TikTok, and bolstered our global partnerships, facilitating seamless abortion care service delivery. Resolute against Big Tech’s content suppression, we championed for unimpeded access to essential sexual and reproductive health information.

Reflecting on our transformative quarter, we’re excited to showcase our relentless drive to reshape and improve access to reproductive care and services.

Lights, Camera, Impact: Dive into Safe2choose’s 2022 Highlights 

We’re delighted to present safe2choose.org’s Annual Report Video for 2022. A visual chronicle of a year filled with groundbreaking progress, empathetic care, and pivotal advancements in making abortion care universally accessible. Some of what Safe2Choose did in 2022:

  • French Connection – We launched the French URL lapilule.org, extending the accessibility of Howtouseseabortionpill.org to French-speaking audiences globally. This initiative replicates our successful launch of Spanish URLs last year (comoabortarconpastillas.org and ayudaparaabortar.org), highlighting our dedication to creating language-specific, culturally resonant platforms.
  • Course Language Expansion – Jointly developed with IPPF, our medical abortion course now caters to healthcare providers in six additional languages: Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, and Hungarian. This expansion promotes professional growth in native languages, ensuring culturally aware healthcare that respects diverse needs and preferences.
  • Portuguese Chatbot – In partnership with DKT Mozambique, we’ve launched our Ally chatbot in Portuguese. Accessible via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and our website, Ally offers automated, multilingual assistance for medical abortion. Ally is also accessible in English, Spanish, French, Swahili, and Hindi.
  • Digital Integrations – To enhance access to on-demand medical abortion information, we’ve integrated Ally onto various platforms. This quarter, we’ve seen successful integrations with the YP Foundation India, a youth-led organization empowering young individuals in SRH, and Aborto Seguro, a DKT Mozambique-operated website that offers guidance for safe medical abortions using DKT’s pill brands.

Women First Digital (WFD) is a dynamic eHealth social enterprise committed to delivering comprehensive, practical, and personalized sexual and reproductive health information and services.

By leveraging localized and scalable digital tools, we provide data-driven and innovative solutions that promote user-centered decision-making and improve the well-being of individuals worldwide.

Annual Report 2022 Video available to view in English and Spanish.

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SOURCE: E-mail, 9 August 2022;