WOMEN ENABLED INTERNATIONAL – COVID-19 at the Intersection of Gender and Disability: Findings of a Global Human Rights Survey, March to April 2020

This report—which draws on 100 responses to a global qualitative survey from women, non-binary, and trans persons with disabilities—outlines how responses to COVID-19 have further marginalized a population made vulnerable due to discrimination and stigma at the intersection of gender and disability. Respondents said their healthcare needs were being overlooked, particularly related to sexual and reproductive health, and they feared that they would be left behind should their States need to “ration” healthcare. They were increasingly having trouble meeting basic needs, including obtaining food, personal hygiene items, and assistance with tasks of basic living. Nearly one-quarter felt they were at increased risk of violence at home or in their communities, due to lockdown orders that kept them from leaving abusive familial and intimate partner relationships, disability-related stigma in their communities, and increased dependence on others to meet basic needs.

FULL REPORT, 20 May 2020