We spent the day with pro-choice pregnancy counsellors in a state where abortion is still a crime, Queensland, Australia

“She was with the guy for a month, but noticed the red flags for domestic violence… he was throwing things and getting controlling so she ended the relationship, which is really good.”

It is 9am and the phones are ringing at Queensland’s only standalone pro-choice counselling service for pregnant women, Children by Choice.

Counseller Sian Tooker is explaining a new client’s case to her boss, the organisation’s manager Amanda Bradley, so they can make a game plan. “She is an Indigenous woman with a young child,” Tooker says. Tooker is perched in what they call the “money chair” – the seat where counsellors sit when they have to workshop how to raise financial assistance for clients who can’t afford an abortion.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed News, by Gina Rushton, 18 March 2017