VALUES CLARIFICATION – Abortion Attitude Transformation: A values clarification toolkit for humanitarian audiences

by Ipas

Abortion by trained providers is a safe and common procedure, legal under at least one condition in nearly every country in the world. Yet women and girls living in humanitarian settings often cannot get this essential reproductive health service—even when it’s available to other women in a country hosting refugees.

This toolkit is designed to give humanitarian audiences the chance to explore their values, attitudes and knowledge related to abortion – with the goal of helping close the service-delivery gap in abortion care in humanitarian settings. It is designed to be a flexible resource that can serve training needs for a variety of audiences and settings. It is not a structured curriculum, but rather a collection of activities and materials that can be used individually or in combination, based on the timing and agenda of individual workshops as needed.

Toolkit materials include a one-day and a two-day training agenda, instructional powerpoints, worksheets to hand out to participants, a certificate of completion, a feedback form and a pre- and post-workshop evaluation form, 11 different activities, detailed tips for planning and facilitating, and some additional resources.