USA – Abortion ban endangers pregnant women + Doctors should break the law to offer abortions sometimes, says new guidance + More

A Texas abortion clinic planned to move to Hobbs, New Mexico, but they banned abortion too

Abortion remains legal in New Mexico, but on Monday night, the all-male city council of the small town of Hobbs, New Mexico voted unanimously to become a “sanctuary city” for the unborn, banning abortion within its borders. The vote complicates matters for a Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic that used to operate in Texas, which had planned to relocate to Hobbs or the nearby town of Clovis. Last week, Clovis passed a similar anti-abortion ordinance, but then placed it on hold as city commissioners said the vote felt too rushed.

SOURCE: Jezebel, by Kylie Cheung, 8 November 2022


North Dakota abortion ban endangers pregnant women

Dr Ana Tobiasz, a Bismarck, North Dakota doctor who specialises in treating high-risk pregnancies said: “When they made these laws in North Dakota, they didn’t think about the consequences. I’m disgusted, confused and enraged. Abortion doesn’t just mean going to an abortion clinic.” Dr Tobiasz is highly respected around the country. She is terrified of what will happen to women in North Dakota who have serious complications with their pregnancies once the state’s abortion ban kicks in.

SOURCE: Inforum, by Jim Shaw, 19 November 2022


Texas woman almost dies because she couldn’t get an abortion

Same story… with only two possible endings: an emergency abortion or the woman’s death.

SOURCE: CNN, by Elizabeth Cohen, John Bonifield, 16 November 2022


Despite dangerous pregnancy complications, abortions denied in the USA

The same story, this time in the states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

SOURCE: CTV News, by Laura Ungar, Heather Hollingsworth/Associated Press, 20 November 2022


Doctors should break the law to offer abortions sometimes, says new guidance from medical leaders

“Attempting to comply with reckless government interference…is dangerous to the health of our patients.” American Medical Association

The people who write laws banning abortion are usually not doctors. As a result, medical providers in states that have restricted abortion access after the fall of Roe v. Wade have been left in the dark about when the termination of a pregnancy is legally permitted. One particular point of confusion: How close must a woman be to dying to qualify for an abortion exemption to “save the life of the mother”? In new guidance, the American Medical Association tried to clear things up, advising that medical providers should act in the interest of their patients’ well-being — even if it means violating the law.

SOURCE: Mother Jones, by Abigail Weinberg, 20 November 2022


Republicans paid a price for overturning Roe. It may have been worth it…

Overturning Roe v. Wade has been a core priority of the US Republican Party since Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980, if not earlier…

The Republican Party’s under-performance in the mid-term elections has been described in a lot of different ways — a failure, a rebuke, a mistake — but rarely as a price. That is, however, exactly what happened. Republicans took a hit at the polls because that’s the price to pay for a major policy gain, the one they got … earlier this year eliminating the national right to an abortion.

SOURCE: Politico, by Seth Masket, 19 November 2022 + PHOTO: Montinique Monroe/Getty Images