USA – Supreme Court abortion case a replay of a previous one

Photo: Justice Sonia Sotomayor: one of ours, September 2019

The Court case opens on 4March 2020, June MedicalServices v. Russo, which challenges a Louisiana law designed to undermine access toabortion by forcing clinics to be registered with a hospital in order to carefor their patients. A similar law in Louisiana was struck down by the Courtthree years ago. They’re trying it again because what has changed is that thereare two different judges sitting. Why that means the previous judgment can soeasily be addressed again is a sign of what has happened to the rule of law inthe USA.

Catholics for Choice is calling for supporters to be in Washington DC onthe steps of the Supreme Court on the day the case opens.

In September 2019, Justice Sonia Sotomayor told a conference in Bostonthat the Supreme Court hadvoted alongideological lines to allow a Trump administration rulerestricting low-income immigrants’ ability to enter the US to take full effect.All four of the Court’s Democratic appointees dissented, with Justice Sotomayorwriting a sharply worded dissenting opinion, accusing the Court of “putting athumb on the scale in favor of” the Trump administration. The expectation inthe coming abortion case is that this will happen yet again.

The NewYorker, by Laura Lane, 20 January 2020 ; Catholics for Choice, E-mail,February 2020 ; PHOTO by PaulMarotta/Getty Images, September 2019