USA – President Biden promises federal abortion rights law if Democrats win enough seats

In a speech at a Democratic National Committee event at Howard University on 18 October, President Biden said that if voters elect enough Democratic Senators in the mid-term elections on 10 November and kept control of the majority in the House of Representatives as well, ensuring that any bill would be passed, then he would put abortion rights into a federal law that codifies Roe v. Wade, which would overrule all state level anti-abortion laws. He has also signed an executive order defending the ability to cross state borders to obtain an abortion, especially to ensure access to abortion pills. Biden also pledged to veto any bill that would ban abortions on the federal level if Republicans take control of Congress.

More than a dozen states have seen abortions bans come into effect since the Dobbs ruling, affecting nearly 30 million women of reproductive age. He has a tough battle to win enough seats, especially in the Senate. The Republican Party is pushing for a national abortion ban and for prosecuting doctors who provide abortion services.

There is evidence from recent surveys that a lot more women have registered to vote in November, especially in states with abortion bans already in place, and there was a major national demonstration in support of abortion rights .

SOURCE: CNN, by MJ Lee, Jeremy Diamond, Kevin Liptak, CNN, 18 October 2022 + VISUAL: AP Photo/Evan Vucci