Statesthat ban abortion should pay support to women forced to give birth

Lastweek, a South Carolina state senator tabled a bill that the author of thisarticle says every pro-choice lawmaker in the US should copy. It says that ifthe state wants to ban abortion, it should have to pay all of the costs ofbirthing and raising children born as a result. SB 928 says that anyone forcedto give birth against their will would be acting as a gestational surrogate forthe state – labour for which they should be compensated.

Thebill is called the Pro Birth Accountability Act. State Senator MiaMcLeodintroduced it in response to the bill that would ban all abortionsafter six weeks of pregnancy, which is supported by so-called “pro-life” conservative legislators whotypically do not support programmes such as government funding for health care,food assistance and paid family leave, which would help people to have healthypregnancies and babies. The billstates that: the state “may not constitutionally require a woman to incubate achild without appropriate compensation.”

SOURCE:Vice, by Susan Rinkunas, 16 December2019