UNFPA- Worlds Apart: Reproductive health and rights in an age of inequality

This comprehensive, new, 140-page UNFPA State of the World’s Population Report 2017 is packed full of lovely photos of women with children, pregnant women, pregnant bellies being examined, lovely adolescent girls and children. There are only a few women shown at work, and one new daddy. It makes a strong case regarding many forms of inequality and covers maternal health, economic inequality, adolescents, family planning, education, gender inequality, child marriage and more. But HIV and STIs get only a few paragraphs on pages 65 and 91, and infertility isn’t even mentioned once. As for “abortion”, it is mentioned only twice, on pages 63 and 64, in both cases to note only that there are 89 million unintended pregnancies, 48 million abortions, 10 million miscarriages, and 1 million stillbirths per year (Guttmacher data, 2017). But then miscarriages and stillbirths only get mentioned, as per this list twice too. Only unintended pregnancies get more substantive mentions.

State of World Population 2017, by UNFPA, Editor in Chief Arthur Erken, Director, UNFPA Division of Communications and Strategic Partnerships