UK – Another anti-abortion case goes up to the European Court of Human Rights

An anti-abortion Christian group has supported an individual woman to file a claim in the European Court of Human Rights after she failed in a private prosecution to force the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute two pro-choice doctors. The doctors were secretly filmed agreeing to permit an abortion for reasons of sex selection. The filming was part of an undercover sting by anti-abortion journalists in 2012 to entrap the doctors into breaching theAdd New Abortion Act. However, the woman (or women) who asked for the abortion of a female fetus was/were not actually pregnant. Nor did any such abortion take place. Moreover, there is no evidence that real pregnant women are asking doctors for abortions in Britain for reasons of sex selection. Indeed, because of the newspaper’s allegations, which made a big splash, an investigation was carried out that showed there are no grounds for these accusations in Britain.

The Crown Prosecution Service had reasonably said after the sting operation was reported that although evidence did exist to bring a case against the two doctors, it was not in the public interest to prosecute. The woman taking the private case against them lost, and was ordered to pay court costs of £47,000, learning the hard way how costly a prosecution actually is. She is going to the Human Rights Court to try to get her money back from the public purse. The Christian group said they believed the judgment against her was because the British courts hold “discriminatory views relating to abortion”.

Please note that the Christian group concerned referred to “preborn” children in their news report. It seems “unborn children” may no long be the term of choice. Is there a difference?

SOURCE: Premier Christian Radio, 29 July 2017;  PHOTO