UK – Abortion Talk: a new helpline

Abortion Talk is a new UK pro-choice charity, breaking the silence around abortion by creating space for anyone affected by their experience to talk and receive the support they may want and need.

There is a confidential talkline, open twice a week, to talk about abortion – whether you’ve had an abortion, are thinking about having an abortion, know someone who has had an abortion, or work in abortion care. A trained pro-choice volunteer provides a confidential space for you to talk through your thoughts and feelings and reflect on your experience of abortion. They will also answer your questions and – if needed – direct you to appropriate services.

There are also provider support workshops – safe spaces for healthcare professionals who work in abortion care to explore the rewards and challenges of their work. This includes the emotional aspects of the work and the possible impact of abortion-related stigma on their well-being. A workshop can be tailored, as required, from one stand-alone, 2-3 hour session to a series of four weekly/monthly workshops. One day sessions and residential programmes (Covid permitting) are also offered.

Here is an introduction to the workshops: and one to the talkline:

The Talkline is open every Wednesday and Thursday, 6pm-10pm (UK time):

For everyone: +44 (0)3330909266 ; For abortion providers: +44 (0)3330909277

WEBSITE: Abortion Talk. This helpline will be listed on the Campaign website.