UK – Abortion Support Network contacted by their 5,000th client in 2018

The Abortion Support Network (ASN) were able to give over UK£ 90,000 in grants to clients primarily from Ireland and Northern Ireland needing help to get a safe abortion in Great Britain. They gave advice, support and information to hundreds of others who needed other kinds of help as well.

They reported: “Our job is not to interrogate people, it’s funding abortions. So we don’t have – and don’t need to have – full or detailed information about our clients. We don’t ask how people got pregnant or why they want an abortion. We don’t ask about gender identity, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, employment status or citizenship unless we absolutely have to, for example, to help someone arrange a visa. Our only criteria are financial need and availability of funds, and we keep our questions few and non-invasive wherever possible.”

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Hence, what they report regarding who they helped is based on what clients chose to share with them. The infograph above describes the situations of the people they helped by funding their abortions in 2018.

SOURCE: Abortion Support Network Annual Report 2018