UK abortion statistics show 3,265 women abandoned by the Irish State in 2016

At least 3,265 women and girls from all 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland accessed abortion services in the UK in 2016, according to UK Department of Health annual statistics released this month.

Women and girls from the Republic of Ireland continue to represent the largest group of non-UK residents seeking abortion services, constituting 67.9% in 2016. Since 1980, at least 168,703 women and girls have travelled to the UK from Ireland for abortion. In reality the figure is much higher – not all women and girls provide their Irish addresses for reasons of confidentiality and some women and girls seek abortion services in other European states.

Responding to the figures, the Irish Family Planning Association highlighted that these reports are an annual indictment of Ireland’s treatment of pregnant women.

SOURCE: Irish Family Planning Association Newsletter, June 2017 ; Infographic and report: Abortion Rights Campaign Ireland, 6 November 2016