UGANDA – The seventh year of our Valentine’s Day campaign “Love mu Kibanda”

My Choice Project

Reach A Hand Uganda has now celebrated the seventh year of our Valentine’s Day campaign “Love mu Kibanda”. An approximate translation is “Love in the Cinema”. The campaign was created in an effort to celebrate Valentine’s Day with young people by empowering them to love safely and respectfully, while simultaneously offering them essential resources for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

We had a special celebration for Valentine’s Day and the power of safe love this year.

Spearheading universal access to sexual & reproductive health services
“When you empower a young person, you secure a future for an entire generation. The entire country benefits when young people and communities are educated about the use of different family planning and contraception methods. Young people now have more opportunities to practice self-efficacy and independence when obtaining healthcare services thanks to innovations in family planning. The “My Choice” programme, which RAHU is implementing with support from the Clinton Health Access Initiative in ten districts educates young women and girls (ages 15 to 30) about family planning and contraception, with an emphasis on the self-injectable as a tool to address the gaps in access to family planning services for young people in Uganda. Our goal is for these young women and girls to develop self-confidence and skills to self-administer and to become knowledgeable consumers of reproductive health services.

“With our 9th cohort, our Peer Educators Academy is growing. We’ve been educating young people about sexual and reproductive health and rights, we are up to 2,277 alumni since 2014. Throughout the month of January, 65 young people got training in a variety of topics on health, self-discovery, entrepreneurship and so on. They will use these skills in our community engagement projects throughout their year of fellowship as peer educators. We look forward to seeing how they apply what they learned in their one-month training year, to spread the handprint and reach out to other young people and communities throughout the rest of the year.”

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SOURCE: Reach a Hand Uganda, E-mail, 1 March 2023