As we celebrate Women’s Month in Uganda, the national conversation on eliminating taxes on sanitary pads or reducing them is a significant stride towards menstrual equity a conversation that resonates loudly.

International Women’s Day: Celebrating in Style, Embracing Empowerment, and Shaping the Future!

On International Women’s Day, we organized impactful activities with various partners. This included a school outreach program at BCK SS in partnership with MEMPROW, where we engaged with 1194(619 males and 575 females) students through peer learning sessions focused on Financial literacy, menstrual hygiene, mental health and sexual harassment. Additionally, we teamed up with FIDA Uganda to screen our latest production, “Sabotage,” at the cinema. we also conducted community and school activities in Kasese district under the RAISE project in collaboration with Save the Children where we facilitated discussions on a wide range of topics related to health and well-being.

Menstrual Hygiene Challenges : How do we innovate to eradicate period poverty with sustainable solutions.

Ensuring the well-being of young women and girls requires addressing the challenges related to menstrual hygiene. Despite its significant impact on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), there is a lack of critical discussions on this matter. RAHU’s nationwide initiatives highlight the urgent issue of inadequate access to menstrual products and information. Recent reports have unveiled distressing practices, such as girls in Busoga resorting to using soil during menstruation, posing serious health risks. In response, RAHU has launched a fundraising campaign intending to collect 20,000 pads to be distributed to young girls in Busoga on Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28th May. Your support is vital. Please contribute to the campaign by donating to the provided mobile number and ABSA Bank account details on the poster.

Peer Educators Academy Graduation: Young people at the forefront of social change.

The Peer Educators Academy is a proactive approach, placing young people at the forefront of change. We empower them to be advocates, encouraging active participation in finding sustainable solutions to their challenges, instead of finding solutions for them without meaningfully involving them. Each year, a new cohort of Peer Educators emerges as a dynamic force, ready to create change in the present, not just tomorrow but NOW. During the Peer Educators Graduation, we proudly acknowledge outstanding young people across various fields. We are thrilled by this formidable force of young people driving positive transformation. Check out this testimonial from a Peer Educator of 2024.

We appreciate and recognize all the support from our partners and the line ministries like Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports and the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

At Reach A Hand Uganda, we tackle community challenges with transformative solutions, harnessing the power of film and television to inspire learning and broaden perspectives. We connect with young people, policymakers, parents, and influencers through film, addressing intense and taboo topics within our communities. The Ikon Awards: Film & Television launched to celebrate contributors to Uganda’s film industry, fosters connections, and provides opportunities for talented youth. Encouraging authentic African stories for positive change, the Nominee Luncheon marked a significant milestone. Join us on March 23 to recognize excellence and celebrate the transformative impact of storytelling. We are grateful for the support of our partners in bringing this vision to life.

The Power of Film for Social Change! The premiere of Sabotage and the film’s transformative impact on viewers!

Films are a universal pleasure, and for many, they serve as powerful sources of learning. At Reach A Hand, we view films as a unique avenue to communicate effectively with our primary audience young people without leaving stakeholders behind. Our latest production, Sabotage, addresses the critical issues of sexual abuse and unsafe abortion. It delves into the influence of cultural, religious, and societal beliefs on these challenges within our communities. Explore the Sabotage premiere to witness firsthand the experiences of people after watching this film.

BNN Movement : A billion plus young people at the forefront of change

A dynamic and actively involved youth movement is not merely advantageous but absolutely crucial for instigating positive social change and forging a society that is more inclusive, equitable, and forward-looking. Thanks to the support from Planned Parenthood Global, we are building a youth movement/community of Brave young people who recognize Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) as a pivotal force propelling them toward their dreams. The ‘Billi Now Now’ movement symbolizes over a billion young people worldwide, showcasing their urgency and agency in driving change across all facets of life. However, this transformative journey cannot be embarked upon alone; we must unite and collaborate to offer mutual support, ensuring meaningful engagement with our youth. They are the leaders of tomorrow, and by nurturing and supporting them collectively, we can instil trust and confidence in the leaders that our future demands.


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SOURCE: Reach A Hand, E-mail, 12 March 2024