UGANDA – Reach a Hand: Five videos on young women, lack of access to contraception and sexuality education, unintended pregnancy, teenage motherhood and unsafe abortion

Ending maternal deaths in Uganda

This video asks what the government should do to reduce the number of young girls who lose their lives every year.

Senior woman, Ms Miriam Dambya, on teenage pregnancies in Kasese

Poverty is among the leading cause of unintended pregnancies, which have led to high levels of unsafe abortions. In southwestern Uganda, some teenage girls are drawn to exchange sex for money to buy sanitary pads.

Simon Masereke, Medical Clinical Officer from Kasese talks about the plight of teenage mothers

In his experience, out of 288 mothers who came for antenatal care in the first quarter of this year, 178 were aged 16 years old or less.

Rev Mukonzo Yongeza on why religious leaders should be sources of sexuality education

Because a large number of schools in Uganda are religious-based, sexuality education is neglected and information about contraceptives is limited. Eventually this leads to teenage pregnancies.

Women’s access to sexual and reproductive health services amidst the Covid-19 lockdown

In lockdown, when everyone is asked to stay at home, access to all sexual and reproductive healthcare is cut off and often seen as non-essential, threatening an even greater number of maternal deaths.

SOURCE: YouTube, 5 videos by Reach a Hand Uganda, 21 June 2021, #EndMaternalDeathsUG