UGANDA – Maternal mortality from unsafe abortion still very prevalent & Brave girls festival

Maternal mortality due to unsafe abortion still very prevalent in Uganda 

This is recorded to be the highest among young women and girls aged 15-19 years with an estimated 76.1 unsafe abortions per 1000 women. There is a need for review of laws on abortion to make way for progressive policies outside the influence of negative and harmful religious and cultural traditions for the realisation of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of young people.

The brave girls festival

The brave girls festival is an event that focuses on Gender Equity & Equality and celebrates the milestones of women against all odds. The Girls Festival is a celebration of the milestones and contributions of young women in our communities and a highlight of the synergy of girl power and its ripple effect on raising a generation of brave, empowered, and informed women. This year’s Girl’s Festival is here to celebrate young women and Girls who are breaking barriers and the support systems that are upholding them. Under the theme; “ Creating Support Structures to Address Gender Inclusion Gaps”, the event will highlight and examine the importance of gender transformative approaches to creating safe spaces and reinforcing the available community support structures in addressing gender equity.

SOURCE: Empowering young people for a brighter tomorrow, Reach a Hand Uganda, May Newsletter, 5 May 2023