UGANDA – In Uganda, over 1,000 teenagers (under the age of 19) get pregnant every day

Most of the girls are not in a stable relationship, have not finished their education and are unable to provide for a child. In the best cases, care for a new baby is shifted to grandparents. In the worst cases, the child grows up in an unstable household where neglect looms and chances are high the child will some day become a teen mother too. See the Teenage Pregnancy report presented by Trac FM, which reports the results of their citizen campaign, conducted in collaboration with Reach A Hand Uganda and UWONET.

A new E-Referral system enables young people to access sexual and reproductive health services with ease and without compromising confidentiality or facing any sort of stigma. It is designed to offer “confidentiality and anonymity through the use of an electronic referral card, which is embedded with QR code technology”.

SOURCE: Reach A Hand Uganda, E-mail: 20 June 2023