TÜRKIYE – Attacks on Rights Gendered Dimensions of Poverty & Feminist Relief Strategies: CSW online parallel event

Zoom online event: 21 March 2024, 9am- New York time; 4pm- Istanbul time

In an era marked by anti-gender movements, backlash on rights and the rise of populist and authoritarian regimes, the challenges to gender equality and poverty eradication are exacerbated. These regimes often implement short-term economic solutions, such as cash transfers which fail to address the structural barriers that perpetuate poverty, particularly among women. This parallel event seeks to explore strategies for building resilient economies that prioritize gender equality and poverty eradication, even in challenging political environments.

Register for this Zoom meeting (Turkish/English): https://forms.gle/2zQdJvHqzbpig4k26

SOURCE: Women’s Human Rights Association / Women for Women’s Human Rights, E-mail: 13 March 2024