TURKEY – Reproductive Healthcare Services for Women and Women’s Experiences with Abortion: Research Report

“Notwithstanding that abortion in Turkey is a right safeguarded by law, we see that in practice…it is subject to de facto restrictions and prohibitions. Research conducted in 2020 based on interviews in 295 public hospitals in Turkey reveals that only 10 of these hospitals (located in 8 provinces) provide services for voluntary abortion In Istanbul, which is not among these provinces, and where a quarter of the population of Turkey live, there is only one public hospital that provides voluntary abortion care for up to eight weeks of pregnancy. According to the same research, 55 of the interviewed hospitals provide wrong and misleading information, stating that ‘abortion is banned or illegal’.” This paragraph could serve as a summary of why this research report, now translated into English, was necessary. The report opens wit information about termination of Pregnancy in Turkey and in the world and the research process. Chapters outlining women’s views include: entitled “Women, Body, and Motherhood”, “Uncertainty of Life and the Necessity of Access to Abortion”, “Why Women Find Abortion Legitimate”. Then, chapters on “Information and Access”, “Medical Abortion Pills”, “Abortion as a Topic of Public Debate”, “Services and Support”, “Barriers and Stumbling Blocks”, Cultural Context of the Decision to Have an Abortion” and “Approval, Loneliness and Exigence”, ending with “The Relationship between Rights and Decisions”. And more!! 👉 Excellent video summarising the findings👉 Full research report SOURCE: Women for Women’s Human Rights – New Ways, Istanbul, Turkey, E-mail: 14 October 2022