TONGA / CHUUK / VANUATU – Adolescent Unplanned Pregnancy in the Pacific

This research aimed to understand the contemporary context and realities of adolescents in Chuuk, Tonga and Vanuatu in the Pacific, who face unplanned pregnancy and motherhood. Issues facing adolescent girls regarding sexual and reproductive health are implicated in social, cultural and economic development, and in human rights imperatives in the region. Rates of unplanned adolescent pregnancy are high in many Pacific Islands countries. Young women in the Pacific navigate sexual and reproductive decision-making in increasingly complex social and cultural contexts, and these realities can only be adequately understood through investigation of the lived experiences and perspectives of the young women and girls themselves. In addition to personal narratives, other relevant contextual information [covered in all three reports] includes access to sexual and reproductive health education and services; access to contraception; enablers and constraints to sexual health decision-making and action; traditional knowledge and practices of fertility control; and the role of older women in these matters.

FULL REPORTS on the website of University of New South Wales, Australia : Vanuatu ; Chuuk ; Tonga