The abortion pill must be available from pharmacies in Canada, according to specialists

In an article entitled “Requiring physicians to dispense mifepristone: an unnecessary limit on safety and access to medical abortion” in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, published in October 2016, Dr Wendy Thomas, a family doctor, and Prof Judith A Soon, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Colombia, said the federal government must allow pharmacists to prescribe the abortion pill to ensure safe and equitable access for women across Canada.In Canada, currently, 96% of abortions are surgical, provided mainly in clinics in the large cities. The current system for physicians in rural areas especially to have to prescribe the pills is too complicated and unnecessary, the article shows.Access to medical abortion on prescription through pharmacies would help to reduce the inequalities experienced by women living in the vast rural areas of the country.SOURCE: Radio-Canada with CBC, 18 October 2016 (en français) ;Original CMAJ article (not open access) ; VISUAL: Book cover, ISBN: 0774821728