Survey on attitudes towards abortion in Lithuania

Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (FPSHA), ASTRA member from Lithuania, carried out an anonymous online survey on attitudes towards abortion. Of 533 girls and women who answered, 71.9% were young women (age 15-25), 21.6% were young adult women (age 26-35). 12.4% of those who participated in the survey had had an abortion, 32 of 66 between the age of 15 to 25 years old.Respondents reported that their biggest fear when choosing whether to terminate their pregnancy was to experience a negative reaction from society. This explains why 23 of the 66 who had an abortion had kept information about it secret. Those who terminated a pregnancy said that they didn’t have comprehensive sexuality education at school and weren’t able to afford contraception because of its high price; they also lacked psychological support from their families and medical staff. They also reported that they didn’t have information where they could have an abortion or whether it would be reimbursed or not. Their personal attitudes towards abortion varied but 73% felt positive about the opportunity to have an abortion if it was needed, while some 90% recognised the stigma surrounding abortion.SOURCE: FPSHA in Astra Bulletin