Justyna’s fifth hearing began [on 6 February] with the scandalous decision of the court to leave Ordo Iuris as representatives of the social side in this case.

We remind you: an organization known for its tendency to torture women published the personal data of witnesses after the fourth trial. The real motivation for joining this process has come to light: it is not about “the interests of the fetus and its heirs”, but the desire to obtain information about the person who wanted to terminate the pregnancy and to intimidate them [ Instagram ].

Ordo Iuris was afraid of Ania’s testimony – a woman whose ordinary life decisions show that there is no room for religious fanatics in Poland. In desperation, they decided to use measures to prove that as a foundation they have nothing to do with the “legal culture” and are aware of the high level of public support for the cause they are fighting against. 

And we’re not just talking about the support of European parliamentarians, embassies of many European countries, international gynecological organizations, journalists from both Poland and Europe… we’re talking about your support!

The prosecution believes that fanatics are not bound by the law

Both Justyna and Ania applied to remove the fanatics from the case. Justyna’s lawyer emphasized that, among other things, to break the press law – Ania did not consent to the dissemination of her personal data. The prosecutor’s office did not agree to the request and the judge decided that there were no grounds to refuse Ordo Iuris to participate in the further part of the proceedings. She then reminded everyone that … the trial is secret, then moved on to the next item on the agenda … This is a scandal that painfully shows how partisan and politicized this trial is.

The mere fact of admitting Ordo Iuris to the case is disgusting. In this way, Justyna and Ania were forced to talk about difficult and intimate experiences, details from their and their children’s lives, in the presence of an organization whose message indirectly promotes and defends the use of violence against women. The fact that this fundamentalist organization stayed in the courtroom and will remain there until the end of the trial shows that victims of violence cannot count on support from the state trial.

Ania is our heroine

Due to these circumstances, we are all the more deeply moved by the courage and strength of Ania, who gave her testimony before the court. Her story, the details of her life circumstances only confirmed our belief in how important and necessary what Justyna did. They made us realize that in the face of patriarchal violence we are able to show radical empathy, and if we are in need – that we can count on our colleagues, sisters and friends. We have been observing this for years when you write to us accompanying your relatives in abortions; but now it can be seen by all who heard about this – as loud as it is absurd – trial.

It is very telling that a man called as a witness, who used violence against his partner, appeared in court with an open visage at the previous hearing; he wasn’t hiding, he wasn’t acting like a person who should be ashamed of something. Meanwhile, Ania, who found herself in this situation only because she wanted to terminate her pregnancy, despite the crowd of supportive people in front of the court and thousands throughout the country and the world, could not have this comfort due to the threat of fanatics. 

While we cried during her touching story, out of emotion, rage and admiration for her strength… a member from Ordo Iuris looked like he was watching a rather uninteresting match.

Fundamentalists do not mind that they stand on the side of unpunished oppressors. For them, the goal is important: building a world in which people who had abortions perform them secretly from everyone, in shame and isolation, facing the abortion stigma. They slowly begin to realize that the foundations of this world have begun to crumble.

SOURCE: Abortion Dream Team, E-mail 9 February 2023 (Polish & English) and website