Statements in solidarity with Poland and Northern Ireland

  • FIAPAC (International Federation of Professional Abortion and Contraception Associates)

13 April 2016Statement of solidarity with the Federation for Women and Family Planning in PolandFIAPAC is deeply concerned that the Polish Government is to consider a draft law introducing a complete ban on abortion and a new category into the criminal code – “prenatal murder”, which will introduce penalty of 3 to 5 years in prison for women, doctors and anyone helping a woman to perform an abortion. We would like to recall that Poland has been one of the first countries to legalize abortion (1956) until it was declared illegal again in 1993 as requested by the former pope Wojtyla…Statement on the prosecution of women in Northern Ireland for offences relating to abortion FIAPAC is appalled by the prosecution of women in Northern Ireland for taking medication to bring about their own miscarriage in circumstances when the law prohibits the safe legal abortion service that our members may provide throughout the world. The Association finds it incomprehensible that abortion is not legal and accessible to women in NI as it is to women throughout the rest of the UK. The Association calls on members of the health care professions of Northern Ireland to demand an end to the prosecution of women who take steps to end an unwanted pregnancy and on politicians urgently review their archaic law to legalise abortion…******************** Catholics for Choice was pleased to lend our support to our Polish comrades on 17 April at a very successful march in Lodz.Today, speaking as the global movement known as Catholics for Choice, we express our solidarity and unity with your struggle for the welfare, health and rights of Polish women. Extremist fundamentalists in Poland—who clearly do not have women’s interests, rights or dignity in their hearts—are trying to pressure the body politic to enact a total ban on abortion. There is no justice in any society anywhere that forces women to suffer under laws that put prejudice before people. It doesn’t matter whether authorities dress up that injustice as politics, religion or any crass and downright dangerous ideology. The health, well-being and bodies of women citizens deserve better than what Poland is poised to do to them…Full Statement of solidarity