Statement on the planned restrictions on the availability of ulipristal acetate emergency contraception pills in Poland

ASTRA together with ASTRA Youth, as part of coalition of civil society organizations working on sexual and reproductive health and rights – You Act, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, and the European Consortium for Emergency Contraception, sent a letter to the representatives of the European Commission, to voice our concern on the current developments in Poland with regards to women and girls’ reproductive health and rights.


The Polish Minister of Health recently announced the plan to restrict access to emergency contraception which became freely available in pharmacies as a result of the C(2015)51 ruling from the European Commission last year. This step greatly contributed to the advancement of women’s and girls’ reproductive health and rights in Poland and across the European Union. The planned restrictions would greatly impede the lives of women and girls and contribute to the sales of this product from unsafe sources and also cause a rise in the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions.


ASTRA Network, ASTRA Youth, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, European Consortium on Emergency Contraception and YouAct call on the European Commission to encourage the EU Member States to follow the recommendations of the European Medicines Agency in regards to emergency contraception in order to secure women’s and girls’ reproductive rights and improve access to reproductive health services and supplies.


The full joint statement, dated 1 December 2016, is available HERE.