STATEMENT OF SOLIDARITY POLAND: Why does your government hate women so much?

To the Members of the Polish Sejm and the parliamentary clubs:

The International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion has nearly 1,300 members in 119 countries who support women’s right to safe abortion.

On behalf of all the members of the Campaign, I am writing to urge you to drop this vicious, anti-women, anti-abortion bill. It will not stop abortions, it will not save babies who could not survive on their own no matter what you seek to dictate, and it is dangerous for women. Dangerous for their lives and health and destructive of their well-being. We cannot understand why you hate women so much, or why you want to punish them so cruelly.

Most women become mothers in their lifetimes, but women are not baby machines who push babies, one after the other, out into the world without any thought or caring what happens to them. That is why women resort to abortion – when they are unable to commit to another baby, which is a lifetime commitment. One in four women across the world has an abortion in her lifetime. It is a normal part of women’s lives, including in Poland and including in your own families.

What would you do if women started leaving babies on your doorstep, as women did in the past? Would you open your arms to an endless number of babies? That is what you are asking women to do, care for an endless number of babies. What is your actual day-to-day commitment to children compared to most of your countrywomen, and do you not have a limit of how many children you would be willing to look after, in sickness as well as in health?

Your anti-abortion bill doesn’t give a damn about children, it’s an expression of hatred of women. Stop punishing women.


Dear fellow activists:

Please spread information about the upcoming dangerous vote in the parliamentary committee and appeal to the decision-makers to reject the bill.

You can write on Twitter to: @KancelariaSejmu (Chancellery of the parliament), @MorawieckiM – Prime Minister, @pisorgpl- ruling party-, and use the hashtag #StopTheBan .

Or by email to the following members of the parliamentary committee addressing the bill:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

E-mail addresses to the parliamentary clubs:;;;;;;

Thank you.

[Picture by Federacja na rzecz Kobiet i Planowania Rodziny]