Special Issue of Feminism & Psychology: Abortion in Context (Part 1)

Feminism & Psychology 27(1); February 2017


Abortion in legal, social, and healthcare contexts, by Jeanne Marecek, Catriona Macleod, Lesley Hoggart


Constructing abortion as a social problem: “Sex selection” and the British abortion debate, by Ellie Lee

The bio-politics of population control and sex-selective abortion in China and India, by Lisa Eklund, Navtej Purewal

Depicting abortion access on American television, 2005–2015, by Gretchen Sisson, Katrina Kimport

“Simply providing information”: Negotiating the ethical dilemmas of obstetric ultrasound, prenatal testing and selective termination of pregnancy, by Niamh Stephenson, Catherine Mills, Kim McLeod


The fragility of de facto abortion on demand in New Zealand Aotearoa, by Alison McCulloch, Ann Weatherall

Abortion in the United States: The continuing controversy, by Linda J Beckman

+ Book reviews