SOUTH KOREA – The criminal provisions on abortion are completely repealed!

Dear all, greetings from South Korea!!

The criminal provisions on abortion are completely repealed!

Because members of the National Assembly failed to make an agreement for the amendment of the existing law, which was due to expire after one year, as per the Constitutional Court’s ruling of 2019, the criminal provisions on abortion in the Criminal Act will no longer be effective from January 1st, 2021.

It is absolutely our victory!

We successfully called for the Constitutional Court’s ruling last year, and we urged members of the National Assembly not to accept amendments by the government which would have allowed abortion only conditionally.

And we persuaded them to pass an alternative amendment that guarantees abortion rights and SRHR.

So, today is the last day of the abortion ban in South Korea!

From 2021, we will make more progress for our rights.
Today, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that they will consider expanding coverage of health insurance and approval of mifepristone.

I’m so happy to share this good news from South Korea along with congratulating the victory of Argentina!

Happy new year!
Keep in solidarity!

Best wishes,

Na Young

Co-founder of the SHARE Center for Sexual Rights and Reproductive Justice,
Co-chair of Joint Action for Reproductive Justice.


Dear Ms Na Young and members of SHARE,

Congratulations on your total victory!

We’re so happy to hear the great news from South Korea, and we’d like to follow your way.

Kumi Tsukahara from Japan

E-mail, 1 January 2021