SOUTH AFRICA – Liberalise Abortion Webinar, 24 September 2021 

As you may know, in recent years, the abortion landscape has undergone massive transformation—some good, some bad. The global south in particular has seen the majority of these changes reflected in their vicinity—from legislation to accessing abortions themselves.

In the same regard, organised a Liberalise Abortion Webinar on 24 September 2021  – a three-part session in honour of International Safe Abortion Day on:

  • Mobilisation and Community Action – to touch upon the power of protest as a means to demand legislative change as it pertains to abortion services.
  • IEC: Information Curated Effectively – to cover the process of creating informational content that can be used to inform populations about their rights, how to exercise them and what services are available to them.
  • Abortion Self-Care – to provide the tools to provide care for those seeking abortions, as well as taking care of ourselves as we work in a space often fraught with criticism and opposition.

To watch the webinar now, check safe2choose on Twitter or contact @safe2choose