SOUTH AFRICA – Abortion services – rural interventions and abortion counselling webinar series

Programme:starts 9am till 12:30 or 1pm each day (South African time)
7 October: Abortion services in rural areas
14 October: Abortion counselling training and support for abortion health care providers
21 October: Methodologies to improve abortion service provision

Each of the three mornings will include presentations and panel discussions and the first two days will also include breakaway groups.Full programme details

This is the second annual Research in Relation to Advocacy, Policy and Practice (RAPP) event. This year it is organised by Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction (CSSR) (Rhodes University) in partnership with Marie Stopes South Africa (MSSA), Sexual and Reproductive Health Coalition (SRJC), and the Eastern Cape Department of Health.

The event brings together academics, researchers, students, activists, practitioners, and policy-makers for in-depth discussions about research in relation to advocacy, policy, and practice within the field of sexualities and reproduction.

Following a successful event in 2019 on the subject of “Sexuality education, counter-normative sexualities, and confronting our own sexualities”, this year’s event focuses on abortion.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way that academics, researchers, students, activists, practitioners, and policy-makers alike can engage with one another. Instead of hosting in-person workshops, this year the event will be digital. It will consist of three online sessions over a three-week period and include panels, presentations, and breakout workshops. This online approach helps to broaden the number of guest speakers and participants who can attend, and to bridge the gap that the event seeks to address between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and advocates.

Key areas of interest will be the presentation of South African research on abortion counselling, which has been used to inform the South African Abortion Clinical Guidelines. This is a unique opportunity to meet and engage with the researchers, policy analysts and government officials working to translate research into policy and practice. Similarly, telemedicine is a new area of work in South Africa and we will be learning from partners about how to extend our services to rural areas.

NGOs and grassroots organisations can apply for data grants in order to attend.

All are welcome to attend. Registration in advance is required.

To register follow this link:

or go to the CSSR website to register and download the programme: