SOLIDARITY REQUEST: POLAND/BELARUS – An Appeal to Prime Minister Donald Tusk

Dear friends, I’m writing to you with a different matter than usual. And a difficult one – because it concerns what is happening on the border of Polish and Belarus. You may not want to read on. But we are the Women’s Strike – we cannot fail to react. 

Dozens of teenagers, young women, girls who are victims of human trafficking, have been pushed across the Polish-Belarusian border for several weeks by Polish and Belarusian services — acting together.

We cannot not react, we must shout: Underage girls. Young women. Pushed across the border. We know that they are beaten in the process. We also know that they are raped.

Please sign the appeal to Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland, to end the nightmare of young women at the border! Immediately!

The fate of these girls depends on whether a political decision is made to apply the law in force in Poland — on whether the green light will be given at the highest level of government to take care of this. We call for the asylum applications submitted on behalf of these girls by non-governmental organizations (which is permissible in the case of minors) to be considered. If not, these girls will die at the border — from exhaustion, from hunger, from lack of medicine, from violence.

SOURCE: E-mail from Women’s Strike, 29 May 2024