Sierra Leonean President Koroma still won’t sign Safe Abortion Act into law and calls for referendum

Sierra Leone has the world’s highest maternal mortality ratio, and many of these deaths are from unsafe, illegal abortions. To prevent abortion deaths, the country’s Parliament passed the Safe Abortion Act 2015, not only once but twice, which allows abortion on request up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and up to 24 weeks in several health-related circumstances. According to the BBC, the President, whose party supported the new law, who asked not once but twice for further consultation, has recently asked for the issue to be put to a referendum.SOURCE: BBC, 26 June 2016 ; PHOTO: Mamaye, 15 January 2016FOR FULL HISTORY: STOP PRESS: Sierra Leone has a new abortion law!, 9 December 2015 ; Request for Solidarity – Sierra Leone, 11 January 2016 ; Solidarity request to African NGOs, 15 January 2016 ; PRESS RELEASE: Letters sent to Sierra Leone leaders re Safe Abortion Act, 1 February 2016 ; Posters, 3 February 2016 ; Sierra Leone Safe Abortion Act blocked by President Bai Koroma again, 25 April 2016.