SEXUALITY POLICY WATCH – SexPolitics: Trends and Tensions in the 21st Century – Contextual Undercurrents

Edited by Sonia Corrêa and Richard Parker

This new collection of papers is the fourth publication of Sexuality Policy Watch’s most recent cycle of transnational analyses of sexual politics, begun in 2015. It comprises seven articles chartering main trends and debates at work in sexual politics in Africa, the Anglo-Caribbean Region, Europe, Latin America, post-Soviet countries as well as China and India. The standpoints and analytical frameworks in each chapter are quite distinctive. What emerges from the exercise as a whole is a rich and remarkably insightful mosaic of sexual politics worldwide. The chapter titles and authors are as follows:

– African Sexual Politics: A Pan-African Lesbian Perspective by Varyanne Sika, Awino Okech

– Sexuality Research, Sexual Politics and Sexual Rights in the Anglophone Caribbean by Christine Barrow

– Europe: The Ups and Downs of Sexual Exceptualism by David Paternotte

– Sexuality in Latin America: Politics at a Crossroads by Gloria Careaga, Mario Pecheny, Sonia Corrêa

– Sexual Politics in Post-Soviet Societies: A Preliminary Cartography by Yana Kirey-Sitnikova, Anna Kirey

– Sexuality Research and Sex Politics in 21st Century Mainland China by Huang Yingying – ‘Sabse Badtar –TeenSo–Satattar!’ (The Worst – 377!): Queer Mobilizing in India against

– ‘Sabse Badtar –TeenSo–Satattar!’ (The Worst – 377!): Queer Mobilizing in India against
Anti-Sodomy Law by Vivek Divan