Thiswebsite, from Sex Positive Families in the USA, contains a list of books aboutsex and sexuality grouped accordingly to children’s age. It is a great resourcefor anyone working with sexuality education or simply a parent who wishes toteach their children about human body, consent, sexual orientation, genderidentity and more.

Thefeatured read for this month is Wait, What?: A Comic Book Guide to Relationships,Bodies, and Growing Up is the latest sex positive book for teens byHeather Corinna, the founder of Scarleteen. The group says this new comicbook “has all of the elements we love – inclusivity, medical accuracy, andhonesty on an array of sexual health topics relevant to the tween and teenyears, including consent, gender, sexual identity, puberty, masturbation,sexual decision making, and more. The illustrations and interactive activitiesintegrated throughout make this a fun and engaging read.”

SOURCE: Sex Positive Families Reading List

REPORTED IN: CEEBulletin on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, No.10 (189) 2019