SAN MARINO – San Marino votes to legalise abortion by a large majority

The tiny republic of San Marino in the northwest of Italy voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalising abortion in a referendum that overturned an 1865 law. The results were announced on 26 September.

Some 77.30% of the 14,384 votes cast backed the proposal to allow abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and after that in the case of the woman’s life being in danger or if her physical or psychological health are at risk due to fetal anomalies or malformations.

“Our citizens have taken a step forward and finally brought us into the third millennium and our politicians will have to keep in mind that they need to do more, and better, in terms of the rights of all people.” said Francesca Nicolini, a doctor and member of Sammarinese Women’s Union (UDS), the association that promoted the referendum.

SOURCES:, by Angelo Amante, 26 September 2021 ;, by Frances D’Emilio, Associated Press, 24 September 2021 ; CTV News, by AP staff. AP Photo by Antonio Calanni.