SAFE2CHOOSE – Women’s stories from South Africa, Senegal, and Mexico City

The mission of safe2choose is to connect women everywhere to accurate and tailored information on safe abortion options, so that they can have a safe abortion where, when and with whom they feel most comfortable. They report:

“Through our work, we have continued to witness the powerful effects of storytelling in shifting perspective and lifting the veil of the stigma that society has placed on valid abortion experiences. Earlier this year, we embarked on our ‘Share Your Abortion Story’ initiative where we asked our audience to share their abortion stories anonymously with us. We had hoped to highlight the everyday experiences of people all around the world going through similar abortion experiences with the thread that glues us all together.”

The published stories now include:

“We hope that by listening to and sharing these stories, we continue to broaden our perspective and receive the inspiration to keep doing the work we do. Storytelling is powerful and is happy to continue to share real-life inspired experiences to give a voice to the multiple people around the world who deserve it.”

SOURCE: E-mail from safe2choose, 16 August 2021 + VISUAL from Lisette’s story