RUSSIA – Vladimir Putin cautions against prohibition of abortion: “nothing should be decided without careful consideration”

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has said that nothing “should be decided without careful consideration” in the matter of prohibiting abortions, it is necessary to approach the problem in a balanced way, otherwise clandestine operations that inflict enormous damage to the health of women will grow “out of proportion”.

“In the modern world, in the vast majority of countries, these decisions are still reserved for a woman, because there are big fears that in case of total prohibition, criminal abortions will grow immensely,” Putin said at the annual press conference.

He explained that the practice of many countries shows that when abortion is banned, women go abroad, “clandestine abortions are flourishing in full swing, creating enormous damage to women’s health and opportunities to have children in the future, and mortality sharply increases”.

“You have to be very careful, weighed, to proceed considering the general mood in society, the moral and ethical norms that have developed in the society. No rushed decision can be taken,” the President stressed.

SOURCE (Original in Russian): Ria, 14 December 2017. This is an unofficial translation. PHOTO: