Round Up of Some of the Events and Activities Planned for International Safe Abortion Day, 28 September 2016

AFRICA UGANDA: Community Health Rights Network (COHERINET)untitled1 untitled***ZIMBABWE: SAYWHAT Campaignuntitledi) Host social media dialogues on the Youth Forum under the SexRightsAfrica website and call on young people to post photos and video messages on the need to decriminalize abortionii) Publish a press statement in the newspaper in solidarity with the celebrationsiii) Host the Meet The Expert Online Platform, which will allow young people in southern Africa to have direct chats with experts on abortion issuesiv) Award the Safe Abortion Champion Award to two young people who have developed the best advocacy messages online for this day.***UGANDA: Alliance of Women to Advocate for Change untitled1 untitled***DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Pathfinder International DRCWe are having an Open Forum on “Abortion and the Maputo Protocol” with other NGOs and CSOs, and partnering with the Ministry of Gender.***GHANA: Save-GhanauntitledAs part of SAVE-Ghana action on September 28 day of action, it will be be taking the campaign to rural area of Ghana Upper west region of Ghana where stigma for abortion is higher. It will be having some radio programs on abortion and soliciting for people to tall stories.On the 28th it will hold a root march across Tumu to call for zero stigma for abortion and converge at the Tumu community center, an opportunity will be given to people to tall stories and challenging people to step into our shoe.***TANZANIA: Defense for Human Rights and Citizen’s RightsWith national partners, a women platform in Kigoma.***ASIA–PACIFIC ASIA SAFE ABORTION PARTNERSHIP (ASAP) untitled#LetsTalkAbortion: A month long film festival in the run-up to 28 Sept. Trailer***THAILAND: Choices Network and Pro-Voice CampaignuntitledThe 41st Thai Choices Network Meeting and 3rd Pro-Voice Campaign for the Right to Access Safe and Legal Abortion, 23rd September, 10am-7.30pmTopics include: the right to safe and legal abortion, demystifying safe abortion, the path to safe abortion, Participants/Speakers from: Pro-Choice Network, Women Help Women, Women’s Health Advocacy Foundation, Path2Health Foundation, Women’s Health and Gender Justice Program, Ramathibodi Hospital, International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice, Triamudomsuksa Pattanakarn Nonthaburi School, Sexuality Studies Association, Bureau of Reproductive Health, Hotline 1663, Tam Tang Group, Women on Web, and others not yet confirmed – followed by poetry and a candlelight march.***WGNRR / LOVE MATTERS untitled#StepIntoOurShoesJoin us in calling on the global community to #StepIntoOurShoes, by sharing varied experiences, realities, circumstances, stories, and storytelling initiatives of those of us who have had an abortion, and/or are supporters of the right to access safe and legal abortion. We have created a video series together with Love Matters which features excerpts from stories of individuals who have had an abortion, shared by partner organizations such as Advocates for Youth, Fondo MARIA, The Abortion Diary, and Trust for Indigenous Culture & Health (TICAH). The series showcases a diverse array of experiences, settings and circumstances, aiming to challenge gender stereotypes related to abortion, take the viewers through a journey of empathy and understanding, and asking them to #StepIntoOurShoes. And we invite you to join this year’s Twitter Rally and support the online mobilization on September 28! #Sept28.***NEW ZEALAND: ALRANZ Abortion Rights AotearoauntitledFilm FundraiserA screening of Dawn Porter’s documentary Trapped, 28 Sept.***NEPAL: Center for Research on Environment Health and Population Activitiesuntitledi) Media Interaction Programme with national partners under the leadership of the National Women Commission;ii) Candlelight march;iii) Talk show / Panel discussion;iv) Celebration on the day.***NORTH INDIA: Students of Sharda Public School Almorauntitled1In solidarity with the Repeal the 8th Campaign in Ireland.***MIDDLE EAST/MEDITERRANEAN EGYPT: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and RESURJ untitled3 untitled2We going to have a joint statement and social media campaign on the 28th of September to urge the Egyptian government to liberalize abortion laws.*** EUROPE Sexual Rights Initiative: Global Action on Safe and Legal Abortion  untitled4Side Event during the Human Rights Council 33rd meeting – In recognition of 28 September, a panel will share different country experiences of advocating for safe and legal abortion, highlight the human rights obligations of States to provide access to safe and legal abortion, and discuss opportunities to utilize Human Rights Council mechanisms to effect policy and legal changes at the national level. 28 September, Palais des Nations – 13:00-14:30, Room XXVII***International Planned Parenthood Federation Europe untitled5Screening of the documentary “Vessel” on 27 September, Brussels, Q&A, reception**********IRELAND: Abortion Rights Campaign  untitled6 5th Annual March for Choice, Dublin, 24 Septemberwith solidarity events in the UK, Belgium, Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Cambodia and Sweden.+ ROSA – for Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity Rally in Cork, 21 September, and many other events over the coming week**********LONDON: FESTIVAL OF CHOICEuntitled7Panels – Workshops – Debates – Films – Performances – Exhibitions and more, 2 October, 10:30am-6pmOrganisers and partners: 15M London Women’s Assembly; Abortion Support Network ; Amnesty International UK ; CAWN – Central America Women’s Network ; Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Londyn ; Feminist Fightback ; Imperial College Feminist Society ; LAWRS – Latin American Women’s Rights Service ; Music Quiz for Abortion Support Network ; No limits – Sin Fronteras ; Polish Feminists ¦ Royal Holloway Feminist Society ; Speaking of IMELDA ; Viva la Vulva – UCL**********RUSSIA: Russian Association for Population and Development untitled8A Roundtable entitled “28 September – World Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion” which will be conducted during the All-Russian Forum “Mother and Child” in Moscow on 28 September 2016.**********SWEDEN: Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU)untitled9We will tweet and re-tweet the 28th campaign.********** LATIN AMERICAEL SALVADOR: La Agrupación Ciudadana por la Despenalización del Aborto untitled12untitled10 untitled11 El Salvador tiene una de las leyes más draconianas sobre el aborto en el mundo. Con un apoyo firme por parte de la Iglesia católica y un grupo de presión en defensa de la vida, el aborto se volvió ilegal en todos los supuestos: violación, incesto y el riesgo para a salud de la madre. Y porque quienes asistan a un aborto se enfrentan a entre seis y 12 años en prisión, la criminalización han provocado una caza de brujas en los hospitales y tribunales de justicia que muchas mujeres que pierden sus a bebés o sufren complicaciones obstétricas son sospechosas de aborto.El Foro por la Salud y Vida de las Mujeres, 29 de septiembre, tiene como objetivo dar a conocer las consecuencias de la legislación que penaliza el aborto de manera absoluta. En el foro participaran personas expertas en Derechos Humanos y Salud Pública. **********ARGENTINA: Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES) untitled13We will disseminate the videos and presentations from the Encuentro LAC de prestadores públicos de abortos seguros y legales 2016 that took place in Buenos Aires, organised by CLACAI, and the press release Enredarse para garantizar derechos  **********BRAZIL: #PrecisamosFalarSobreAborto24h!untitled14 Um grupo de jovenes blogueras estará gestionando lo que llamaron la “Virada Feminista On Line” (nombre em portugués), que significaria algo como “Maraton Feminsta On Line”. Se trata de una programación durante 24 horas, el día 28 de Septiembre, usando la hashtag #PrecisamosFalarSobreAborto24h! para hacer transmisiones via Smartphone con el uso de la herramienta “Live”, del Facebook. Sera publicado el profil (personal u institucional) de la persona/ organización emitente. El cuadro de la programación será previamente divulgado. Las participantes recibirán las orientaciones necesarias para una buena transmisión. La programación estará abierta a la participación de feministas de latinoamerica. Ya han confirmado, por ejemplo: Debora Diniz (Anis/BR); Marcia Tiburi (Filosofa/ BR); Joluzia Batista (CFEMEA/ BR); Paula Viana (Curumin/ BR); Carla Batista (Cladem/BR); Canal das Bee (; Think Olga (; DeFemDe – Rede Feminista de Juristas; y también Marta Maria Blandón (Nicaragua) y Maru Casanova (MYSU/ Uruguay). ****************************************************************************** NORTH AMERICAIPAS: Abortion is not a crime untitled15 Ipas is planning updates to our Abortion is Not a Crime webpage, a photo story and other social media events, and we are coordinating with other agencies to plan blogging and tweeting events. In all of these activities we’ll be focusing on barriers to access, with a particular emphasis on stigma.*****International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe AbortionuntitledWe spent the last several months collecting signatures on the Open Letter to the heads of UN agencies asking for 28 September to become an official UN Day. We will be active on social media throughout the coming week. We’re sharing news about Campaign members’ activities with our media contacts. And we will participate in the London Festival for Choice. Follow us on Facebook @safeabortionwomensright and Twitter @Safe_Abortion too. We are now on Instagram too! Follow us @safeabortion and send images of your work that you would like us to share to . And why not become one of our first Instagram followers!