RIGHT TO HEALTH – Criminalising the right to health: the shared struggle of the HIV and safe abortion movements

by Edwin Cameron & Anand Grover

Both HIV and unsafe abortion endanger life and health and have a disproportionate impact on people living in developing countries

This month, India’s Supreme Court struck down Section 377, a colonial-era law that banned same-sex activity and led to the systemic discrimination and persecution of LGBTQ Indians. This was a huge victory for India and – as two lawyers who have spent decades fighting for the rights of LGBTQ individuals – a very personal one.

Yet, while we celebrate this incredible achievement, we must remember that criminalization remains a potent threat for the health and lives of many people around the world. And those that often bear the largest burden are people living with HIV and AIDS and women and girls seeking abortion services.

FULL STATEMENT: Reuters, 11 October 2018  PHOTO: Reuters by Adnan Abidi