Resources from IV 2015 Legal Conference on Reproductive Rights

The Congresos Latinoamericanos Jurídicos sobre Derechos Reproductivos (Latin American Legal Congresses on Reproductive Rights) are a platform for a multidisciplinary gathering and a space for participating professionals to share and learn how they incorporate international human rights standards in their daily work, which involves access to justice and to health as human rights. In 2015, the Congress was supported by the Asociación de Jueces para la Justicia y Democracia – JUSDEM, and the Comisión Andina de Juristas – CAJ.In the four congresses that have taken place so far, we have succeeded in bringing together and sensitising nearly 1,400 representatives of the world of law and medicine, to address the issues surrounding the protection, defence and exercise of reproductive rights in Latin America.The 4th Congress in November 2015 explored the links between violence against women and reproductive rights. Its thematic axes were access to justice – including transnational justice – in relation to reproductive rights; the criminal law and reproductive rights; and the responsibilities of the State as regards the right to be free from violence in the context of reproductive rights.The website contains the Virtual Report of the 4th Congress, including a video archive of some of the presentations, and the resources generated. The website also contains reports and newsletters from previous congresses. We hope you will be able to disseminate the information and use it in your daily work.WEBSITE, REPORTS, NEWSLETTERS AND VIDEO ARCHIVE OF PRESENTATIONS:”Relatoria” online (some in Spanish, some in English)