Regional Advocacy Tools for Cairo@20: analysis and advocacy papers from six regions of the global South

DAWN is happy to make available these Regional Advocacy Tools on sexual and reproductive health and rights that have been part of our contribution to feminist mobilization for the 20th year review of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).The DAWN Regional Advocacy Tools for Cairo@20 are analysis and advocacy papers from six regions of the global South – South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, Latin America and the MENA region. (Unfortunately we were unable for a variety of reasons to complete a corresponding paper for sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to fill this gap in our ongoing regional work).The aim of each paper is to provide substantive overview and analyses of the three key sexual and reproductive health and rights issues identified above. These RATs have been part of DAWN’s inputs to support SRHR advocacy in each region in the lead-up to various official and civil society regional and global meetings.In addition to identifying available data sources, these advocacy tools have drawn on the strongest and sharpest country and regional analyses and present such data and analyses based on the advances made, the barriers to implementing ICPD and the regressions that occurred since 1994, for each of the key thematic areas.The RATs are NOT meant to be comprehensive either in terms of the issues or of the countries covered. Each RAT identifies one (or more) main issue/s in the region for each of the 3 themes. The chosen issue/s have been analysed using specific country experiences as illustrations.All of the papers are available for download from the DAWN website here. Each paper in PDF form:Latin America ; The Caribbean ; South Asia ; Southeast Asia ; Pacific ; Middle East & North Africa